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Meet Rollie

Rollie Stevens,

He is not a professional politician,  President Donald Trump and President Reagan proved that success in politics comes from hard work and life experiences. This country has slipped away from what I experienced growing up, Why is it that when people get into government, then they try and change what's working and break what's fixed? Change is always good when it enriches our lives and not oppresses our ambitions and dreams.  "I am a retired firefighter for the Phoenix Fire Dept". He served there for 25+ years. I was good at what I did. Go ahead ask other firefighters. I'm not polished I'm real, I can be brash, I will act and fight for anything I believe in. I am running because of the actions by governments, the corruption, the attacks to fellow ranchers, farmers and miners. If someone doesn't do this and try and change this, bring it to light so the people can see, let them decide, then we will loose this country. I will not sit by and watch this I will lead this cause and I will win. You have never seen a candidate like me before, Just wait this will be fun. Watch what I can do. 

How did I become a singer?? While he was a firefighter, he would sing while cooking. My mother was a singer and I was singing since childhood with her so it was natural. When I would work on the rig or station duties I would sing. As he did the firefighters talked him into pursuing this talent. To his surprise he was successful started performing and writing with some of the greatest writers in Nashville and for 10 years he did this as well while still firefighting.

Rollie has written songs with Nashville’s finest writers. His main partners Don Goodman ( Ole Red, Angels Amoung Us and many more) and Royce Porter ( Ocean Front Property, Homecoming 63 and many more) performing with everyone  in the industry and working with "A list" musicians for 25 years. Rollie has won several awards including 2008 DisCovery award from Music Row magazine. Rollie was signed to a major label in Nashville and left the fire service.

"I have had the honor of sharing the stage with legendary singer Lynn Anderson a dear friend and I truly miss her, for 10 years we toured and performed together primarily in the Western genre. We recorded several duets and can still be heard today". After Lynn's death, Rollie started creating a project he had told her he was going to build, a place where all genre of music could be heard in Arizona western backdrop. He started Gold Mine Experience in Wickenburg. It is an historic mining site and features Arizona's beautiful desert as well. Am I a good singer, downloads and streams say so my fan base too. I'm traditional and "Western Music", Sounding similar to his hero Marty Robbins, one of District 8's most famous persons.  I still sing primarily Western I'm good at it, go ahead ask other artists. 

Rollie has been successful in several businesses. He has 25+ years of public service and is confident he will be successful as US Congress Dist. 8 Representative for AZ. He is a person of action not talk and will actually be a servant like Senator Barry Goldwater was for Arizona. "Barry Goldwater believed in the Arizona ranchers and farmers, miners. He was a Arizona cowboy, so am I". 

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