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Medicare modification



Ukraine spending so far January 2024 is 75 Billion, 1% is 750 million

annual cost of Medicare per recipient is $16,000.00 per year per recipient to US government.

RX cap 2000.00 per year per recipient currently

"Donut hole" is 25% or 4,600.00 per year currently

We need to simplify Medicare instead of Medicare A,B,C,D

Take 1% of any foreign aid package and deposit this into Medicare and Medicaid to offset premiums and medications

If a person retires usually that means their source of income stops, so why are we stating that all of your life's savings which you have built for 47 years on average (if you started working at 18 and retired at 65) be the judgment on how much Medicare you receive?

The plans should be simplified and RX should be “competitive comparison” in other words if you get a bill for a medication prescribed by your doctor and its for example an aspirin and that is $100.00, if you are able to compare price globally and get the same medication from an alternative source for example $10.00, then you should be able to either buy that online with your Medicare number. Or provide documentation and pay only that amount.

The funding could come from foreign aid, mandate of 1% of funds every time our government sends money to a foreign country. Americans on Medicare will get 1% to offset costs deposited into Medicare general fund.

I personally know Medicare recipients having to spend over $ 1,000.00 per month on medications prescribed, when their social security is only $1,500.00 per month?? we are forcing retirement age persons to live in poverty while sending aid around the world?

Now I'm all for Pharmacy companies making money on RX it takes a lot of research and scientific skill and tech to make medications, I believe they should get paid for their efforts and their IP.

However if once the drug has been established and is offered around the world in a competitive market is is available for less in Canada verses America? Then the cost has got to be level around the world, we shouldn't pay more because we are Americans.

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