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Why is it that every politician gets on their stump and proclaims how they are going to help businesses grow and help create jobs, then they get elected and don't even return an email regarding new businesses? I have personally contacted at least 30 senators, congressmen, mayors, and supervisors regarding my own business and what I needed from them. Crickets!!!!! I'm so tired of this.

I am creating a new tourism project that will create a huge tax benefit for everyone both direct and indirect. I have only had one civic leader talk with me directly Congressman Gail Griffin, Ill give her credit for that. I have to cut through so much red tape that can be solved with very simple phone calls. And my representatives will not reach out and even talk, when our project benefits all.

I'm running to change this, If you want what you have now continue and do nothing. Keep voting in these political hacks. All I can say is OPEN YOUR EYES AND ACT!!!

If you want someone who will kick the hell out of obstruction. Propose new ideas at a minimum. Listen to you. Work for solutions, mediate, then vote for me.

I'm not running for the job like most candidates state. I already have a job, a great job I will have to leave to do this. I'm not running for the fame I have that. I am not running for the money, I want to make a difference and give power to the people. Its just that simple.


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