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Why I considered running, the last straw

In 2020 I purchased commercial mining property in Wickenburg 187 acres with 10 patented mines. We contacted Yavapai county to get an address, they stated it was exempt mining property and could not issue without relinquishing rights and pulling permits. I asked how do we get an address on mining property?

They said show access, driveway, buildings on site and septic location, we did this. They gave us an address with no permits pulled, acknowledging the exempt status.

We were trying to build a historic tourist destination, we were doing this for over 2 years. This was with support from town of Wickenburg, State of Arizona legislators and Federal agencies. We decided to publicize our long term ambitions. Once we did the Yavapai development services decided to change zoning to residential and issue citations. They stated it was residential since 1968! Actually it wasn't a zoning but a placeholder since nothing had been established except the historic  ranches and mines. That was major news to all surrounding land owners, my title company and the real estate company that sold us commercial mining property. This violates our constitutional rights and other civil laws. To make a long story short, we are suing them. For nine months now I have reached out to every single legislator from Governor to county supervisors. NO ONE LISTENS! Ill see them all in court. I have written a citizen ballot initiative and hope to have that on 2024 ballot called Property Protection Initiative I-17 2024. I am also recalling all elected Yavapai officials. I am tired of no representation on issues, especially when ours is positive for Arizona economy jobs and tourism as well as Arizona's rich mining history. All of these issues are why we elect officials. I will make the public aware, I will act, I will win. Even without RNC support and their chosen candidates.  They are running for money and fame. They do not truly care about the state, only politics. I'm on a mission I will protect the state and work on OUR issues not the world. Arizona is my priority. I will bulldoze bad government. 

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I am a pro life Candidate period, I agree with Arizona law as it stands.





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Finish the wall period! As an Arizonan for over 56 years, I have seen first hand what illegal immigration does to our state. As a business owner I have employed many work visa Mexicans for years, excellent workers and dear friends, great people and culture. I have listened to their plight on how much money they had to pay in advance, a crooked law system in Mexico. Its very costly and difficult to get to the US. its amazing just how many hoops they had to go through, literally for years sometime over 7 years. When Senator McCain was here, I had contacted him several times about the immigration system, how it was broken for the people who wanted to do it right.

This new policy of walk right in is a slap in the face to all immigrants who worked and sacrificed to legally become a citizen. Most say from all countries, "that it was their proudest moment being made a citizen." If you are asking them, because of the experience of doing it right they are "proud Americans".

This current system has made them simply, another country displaced. There is no loyalty to US, they simply live here as a satellite to their country its shameful. We need to start the process in their country there is no reason why a foreign person wanting to immigrate to US cannot start the process literally online. Apply from our portal we make. Upload info which we vet. We then have valuable information. Upon arrival at the border port of entry we fingerprint everyone, we process, we verify all uploaded and in person information. We then allow a temporary visa if approved, that allows them to cross with documentation. This is for a 6 month period before being required to log in every six months.

Once here they have to obtain work, they are evaluated online every six months, show how they are benefiting the US by contributing. After 1 year of immigration probation they can apply for benefits if needed such as medical care. If at any time there is a criminal violation, even a misdemeanor that visa will be revoked and they are deported to start over. We renew their visa every year through the portal. They have to upload documentation of housing, paycheck, taxes paid, vehicle registration all for a verifiable contribution to society. After a period of example three to five years, with all documentation and citizen classes taken online and with a clean record, we have them come to immigration office in person to be sworn in a citizens. This may not be perfect but it will work. With greater minds than mine, this can be made the standard for the world.

As for the ones who have crossed in the last three years force them to use this system now. If they do not and are stopped in any way or apply for even a bank account or credit card or even buy a car. If they have not started the process law enforcement is notified immediately and they are arrested sent to immigration officials and deported immediatly. This will ensure compliance to our laws. Not rejecting but accepting them but legally.


As far as the fence goes “Well I'm not on it at all. Build the wall”.

We can also use modern tech readily available to secure this for instance just simply the LED Bell and Howell solar security lights they are 30 dollars lets place them on top of the walls every 50 feet they have proximity sensors any thing come close they light the area this will immensely help the Border patrol a simple effective help. There are motion detection or vibrations detection's seismic that can be be place on wall as well this would have prevented Hamas attack in Israel and also prevented cartels smuggling of Fentanyl across our borders through tunnels.

We need to work diligently with border patrol asking the questions, what do you need? Supplies that are basic and never thought of like example batteries. innovation from agents up to leadership is how the fire service continually improved. We need to ask the simple questions. If they need vehicles, backpacks, night vision, simple lighting, paper, laptops, more office help? Storage? Receiving buildings, temporary shelters? Ask the questions and supply them what they need. I couldn’t fight the fires I fought with a garden hose, sometimes you need a 2 ½. and right now we need a water cannon.


We have created a serious wasp nest of person who want to harm us through this open border policy I hope we can find them and exterminate them before they sting the US and if this ever happens anyone who supported open borders will have to live with themselves. Remember as a first responder I have seen the first hand destruction of this kind of attack its not if its when and their families will be the ones to suffer. That is when they will pay for their beliefs.


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Our nation is never going to survive another generation unless we at this point and time change direction.

Take 2% away from everyone under the current system apply to only the deficit, that's one plan.

Abolish the IRS and start the 10% flat tax rate as I've proposed. Through lateral transfer all existing workers and admin will move to other organizations. We need border workers move them from IRS. If we need FBI place them in the academy. Its basic we wont lose or displace them, we simply give them a new title. In the fire service lateral transfers were done regularly, I know this works, no debate needed. 

The other option, is one that actually Canada has had for years. A national Lottery. I know it sounds crazy but fact check and verify its real. A weekly lottery.

Anyone in US can buy a ticket. There is a weekly drawing with only five levels of payout. We are trying to pay off debt we need as much as we can get. Since we would be on the suggested 10% American tax plan, the winner would get 40% of the weekly amount and the government will get 60% and can only be applied to debt period.

Let say 6 numbers gets large prize, 5 numbers a set amount of 100k 4 numbers 20K 3 numbers 5k any two numbers and bonus would be 50 dollars. I'm not the expert, I'm just suggesting this. Congress would collectively vote. This will also create more millionaire’s in our country. Just a thought but it can work. Use the IRS agents in this new department. They will hate giving money away!!


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Health Care

Health care:

We need to let the free market work and come up with affordable basic needs care. Abolish "Obama or Biden care" I worked in health care it doesn't work. put that money towards debt.

We have got to start with drug price control, If you can buy a generic medication anywhere in the world online at a cheaper price, then fair market should dictate health care pricing. We cant allow big pharma to dictate the available price of a drug. We can not allow a monopoly of health care or big pharma to charge whatever they want for medications. because we are not allowing free market like it can be done. The patented rights to a global society miraculous cure, should be limited to a set time frame, so competition can eventually lower costs.

A new government subsidized necessity medication program should be created, If a person for what ever reason cannot afford a life needed medication or medical support. let's say they are homeless. There can be Government kiosks with a big red medical cross. Anyone can use this. sign up and describe your issue, click available options, after answering online thru chat it can go through options. The system could geographically, locate nearest pharmacy and print out receipt to pick up RX. This is easy tech and gives anyone help at any time if needed.  They should be able to apply online and show valid reason and get assistance for needed medications or devices post surgery, without costs. They can use this with any basic health care for catastrophic cases when needed. I'm not saying its perfect but then again, I'm running for office to help the citizens of Arizona, to help write legislation that improves the lives of Americans. Arizonan's in particular.  With bi partisan help maybe this is an outline for the future?


There are so many medical cost containment measures that can be implemented, I know first hand how the fire service has evolved into an indigent health care system. Sometimes people have basic illnesses, they are sick, they call fire. We ship them to hospital via an ambulance?? The cost to the city and state is outrages for this use of emergency service and health care system. There needs to be a simple system so anyone can have a resource to the hospital to refill an RX without rolling fire service. A simple RX UBER for example??


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Foriegn Policy

Foreign policy:

We need to lead as Reagan said “peace through strength”

We have got to build the most powerful army and let other countries know we have it, and will use it.

There are so many new advancements, some I actually know and have seen.  Some through my fire service and some through my military friends. We can stop threats instantly with our capabilities, if we are allowed to do so, without political interference. If we are the world police then let us apprehend or eliminate when needed. If not, don’t ask us for help when only you need it.

Lets use some the advanced tech we have, we have it believe me. Nuclear is dangerous to our existence and actually not needed anymore, unless we want global annihilations. There are many new sophisticated systems available. EMP, Cyber, Sonic, Light, research it is all there, be informed not lied to.

If you want our help you pay, Period. We are not the worlds piggy bank, All this money going to countries like example the Iran war, 6 trillion dollars of dinar was supposed to come back to us for the war. The Dinar still has not revalued to repay the money we used. Force this revaluation using their oils supplies. Kuwait paid us back. The countries we help owe us a debt, not just in money but in life and liberty. We need to hold them accountable.

We can't force democracy on the world. Let them have their form of existence. We need to stop trying to mold the world. Fix our country first. The US needs to live as example, become that beacon of light again. 

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What a great state!! In all of my travels with music, I have seen such American beauty, but Arizona is special. 

I don't know another state where you can travel an hour from one central location and see so much diversity. The landscapes change so extreme from the deserts, the dunes, the forests, the high deserts, the grand canyon, the lakes, wow.  We need to build a better future, We can create jobs, I'm personally tying to do just that, With Gold Mine Experience. I feature Arizona mining history, 120 year old historic structures, beautiful scenery, preservation of the views and a destination for tourism. All of this brings in revenue for the state. This project is moving slowly because of government stupidity, extreme over reach. Why? Its outlandish why a business that is trying to do something great for Arizona cannot thrive and move forward because of regulations that are ridiculous.

The cattle and ranching industries are under attack, I will fight to help this, I'm one of you.  The farmers are being hurt we need this stopped. 

Land owners are being violated by 5th amendment 5.9 everyday by rouge government. We need this stopped. Our legislatures need to listen. They do not respond. I have tried for 9 months. I'm tired of no representation. I'm running to abolish this practice, listen to your plight and work for a solution. 

I have been approached by over literally a million acres of land owners all expressing similar issues. government abuse or overreach of authority. I will fight for you we will pool resources. We will recall all elected officials that are blind, corrupt and foolish with our tax dollars. we will write law through ballot initiatives and let the people decide when they vote. 

I will keep Arizona great. I will help make Arizona not the tech state but the tourism state. a true destination like the world has never seen and leave California in our desert dust.

Keep Arizona Arizona!!!!!

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I believe education is about parents raising their children. Allow parents to make the right choices for their children and their families. No CRT.

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Second Amendment

Our Founding Fathers found it necessary to create the Second Amend to keep and bear arms. This was to protect your life and property against all enemies foreign and domestic, As our government keeps allowing more and more unpunished crimes, Its becoming more necessary.  The right to own firearms is more than just a check on tyranny; it is a citizens right to be allowed to protect and defend themselves. I will always defend protecting gun rights, as a land owner with gold mines and a cattle ranch, I have got to have firearms on property. In Congress, I will strongly support legislation that protects our citizens from reckless and irresponsible legislative law. Great citizens’ have rights I will fight for this always. Read More

Property Protection Initiative

Our Property Protection Initiative. To protect Arizona property owners from rezoning property for their agenda with out you being the initiator.  .2022_Initiative_Petition_-_fillable.pdf Read More


We need to simplify and help Medicare recipients be able to afford the plans and medications. Read More


Jobs and economy. We need to actually do something! Politicians promise new jobs but never help businesses thrive, When a business has an issue with regulations, politicians should listen and act, I know first hand they don't, they are too busy with Lobbyist and fundraisers to help constituents.  I have created jobs through construction, music, and tourism businesses. I know how hard it is to build and maintain business, When government regulations stops creation of jobs, it needs to be addresses and corrected to find solutions that benefits all parties. This is where Arizona representatives have failed us. I will fight this fight.  Read More

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