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Rollie Stevens for Arizona

I am leaving this race. I'm shocked at the level of attack for trying to do something right. I commend those who do want to take on this position, I am a retired Firefighter and a singer songwriter. I am not going to lose my fan base, friends, family and musicians because I'm running for office. I'm not going to have my family harassed for trying to make a difference, all I can say is may god help us!! I don't see how we survive without his help. At least read my plans. They are my plans, I wrote them and its my thoughts good or bad. Maybe someone will look read and use portions of them?

Hello, Am I a politician, Hell no. Have I served the public yes, Have I worked in the community and tried to better lives yes. Am I a leader yes,  As a first responder and running crews in construction, I own and operate a ranch, a gold mine, written and produced over 200 songs from life experiences. 

OPEN YOUR EYES AND ACT! Vote! With your help, We are going to bulldoze bad government! I will perform for you!  I am a retired firefighter 25+ years, I am a Nashville singer and songwriter. I am building a tourism destination in Wickenburg AZ, Gold Mine Experience.

We are gold miners, and an active cattle ranch of 187 acres. We know Arizona and have called it home over 56 years, We actually live in the district, I'm running for, Dist. 8 and have lived there for over 20 years.

I know the businesses in my district. I support them and they know they can count on me at any time and have for years. We need a change. I will always be honest and direct. I will listen. Not like current legislatures have done with me.

Did I tell you I will perform? Yes during and after every rally, I will perform a concert for you along with some of my friends from my music world. Please support me, I'm interviewing for the job and running for you. 

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